Your Professional Makeup Tutorial

There’s invariably an occurrence for knowledgeable makeup tutorial. whether or not it’s for a special event, a vital business appointment or a date, each girl of any age needs to appear her best and seeks knowledgeable makeup tutorial.

Starting with the fundamentals, initial check that you have got all the necessities, a concealer, foundation, eyeshadow, lipgloss, make-up etc. you do not got to break the bank, simply get what you’ll be able to afford.

Follow the skilled make-up artist’s recommendation. Begin with a clean face, apply a toner and moisturizer. Use a moisturizer regardless your skin sort, particularly before summer make-up, use one with cream, avoiding the attention space. For additional natural summer make-up, use a tinted moisturizer instead.

As the skilled makeup artists do, wait many minutes once cleanup your skin before golf shot it on. Use a foundation primer everywhere your face and neck, to swish your skin and permit the makeup to last longer. For a natural look, summer or exciting makeup, follow constant steps for the appliance of the concealer and foundation.

Your concealer should be a tone lighter than your skin, apply it beneath your eyes. On the matter areas you would like to hide the redness or discoloration.

Benefits of Using Face Masks

Benefits of Using Face MasksI am a marketing executive in one of the renowned firms of my town. Being a marketing professional is a challenging job, but the biggest challenge about the job is to visit different places for business purposes. I am perfectly fine with the needs of the job, but the only thing I don’t like about the job is that I am often exposed to the extremities of the climate that has made my skin dull and patchy. Lately, I have been observing the development of spots and fine lines on my face that are certainly debilitating for at the age of twenty-five.

Exposure to pollutants and sun rays leads to a dull and dry skin. Most of us these days have a lifestyle that requires exposure to the outer environment. Over exposure to the external environment leaves our skins parched and lifeless. Indeed, proper skin care is a key to acquiring radiant skin for regaining the lost facial charm and also the confidence that is considered as the reflection of our inner strength.

Face masks are considered as the best way to enhance the

7 Unknown and Interesting Facts About Lemon

7 Unknown and Interesting Facts About LemonOriginally it comes from northern India, but lemon belongs to the most popular and most consumed food in the world. From the antique age, the advantages and utilization of lemon is understood to all. It is the most widely recognized thing in our day-to-day life. Its multipurpose use demonstrates its worth. You will be surprised when you will read these 7 interesting facts about lemon.

1. They Whiten and Strengthen Nails:

There are thousands of products in your local market, but you can get the same result naturally using lemon juice and olive oil.

Take 2-3 teaspoons of lemon juice and add a few drops of olive oil into it. Apply the solution on your nail. Wait for 15 minutes before rinsing off with cold water. This is very helpful for the brittle nail. It will also help to whiten your yellowish nail.

2. They Remove Blackheads:

Lemon has an antibacterial and anti-fungal property due to its 5% Citric Acid content. Slice open a lemon and rub it all across your face and nose. Wait for 10-15 minutes before

5 Tips For Long Lasting Makeup This Summer

5 Tips For Long Lasting Makeup This SummerHere are some makeup tips for a fair or dark skin to have the look of flawless makeup in hot weather.

1. Prioritize protection

Keeping a healthy skin should be a long-term priority. It is the key to making your skin always looking young and glowing. If you will notice, are first and foremost about using. Always mind that as long as the sun is up, your skin, especially on your face is prone to damage caused by the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays. So before a makeup summer sale, make sure the product has high sun protection factor (SPF) value. The higher the SPF value the better.

2. Importance of Primer

This is not a new product but a lot of women still do not know the importance of wearing primer before putting on makeup. One that women tend to skip is this; what they don’t know is that a small amount of this power cream can do wonders for your face especially this summer. It makes your makeup longer-lasting as

Beauty Care Tips To Follow This Summer

Beauty Care Tips To Follow This SummerAs the weather changes we all want to look great and not be affected by the heat and dust. As we get our fashion and makeup game on point, here is how to take care of that skin as well.

If you want your outfit and fashion jewellery to compliment you well, you got to have that natural glow. Having a set routine helps you stay away from dull, irritated skin that looks out of place in your perfect get-up. Here’s how to keep it in this dust filled world:

1. Exfoliate! Exfoliate!

It is extremely important to set your exfoliation routine set and down to pat just like cleansing and moisturizing. This will help get all the dirt out of your pores, remove dead skin and bring that smooth, glowing skin to the surface. The perfect routine is to cleans, exfoliate and then moisturize. It’s not just your face, but every part of your body, arms, legs, underarms everywhere.

2. Clean Up

If you go to sleep without cleaning off your make-up then it is a major mistake.

Easy Contouring Tips

Easy Contouring TipsAs you may well know, celebrities look entirely different than how we see them. If you’ve ever seen them without makeup, you’ll know it’s all about makeup tricks and corrections that make them look more appealing. The idea is simple: it’s all about creating contrast by highlighting and contouring. You want to highlight with a light shade the parts of your face that you want to bring out, and use a darker shade on the parts that you want to tone down. Face contouring makeup is no longer a hard process that you have to refer to specialists to get, at least on an everyday basis, as we present to you today simple makeup ideas & tips for contouring that will make it easier for you.

You will need your foundation, one foundation two shades deeper, one foundation two shades lighter, powder, a damp facial sponge and a brush.

1 – Use two shades of base:

The secret to getting the right skin tone is to apply foundation that’s one shade lighter than your skin

How to Choose Dead Sea Mask for Different Skin Conditions

How to Choose Dead Sea Mask for Different Skin ConditionsChoosing and applying the perfect Dead Sea mask for your skin is utmost important, as selecting a wrong mask might cause irritation. The first step to picking the correct face mask is to understand the skin type you own. Your skin may range from normal to sensitive. Human skin types are categorized into five kinds:

  • Normal
  • Oily
  • Dry
  • Combination
  • Sensitive

You can discuss your skin type with your dermatologist before picking any of the available Dead Sea masks on the market. However, some fantastic variants can be tried at home.

Most of the Dead Sea Masks are made from different types of muds, often recognized as Mud Masks. These are primarily used to treat oily texture, as it is capable of soaking excess oil and helps the epidermis to get rid of the impurities. However, there are different types of Dead Sea Masks available to treat different skin issues.

Consider the following before making a purchase decision to avoid irritant development on your face:

Dead Sea Mask for Oily Texture – Oily skin is often shiny looking. Hence, it is

Natural Home Made Scrubs for a Clean and Clear Skin

Natural Home Made Scrubs for a Clean and Clear SkinScrubbing – Important for Skin’s Health

The presence of dead cells in all types of skin is a common phenomenon, and the best option to get rid of it is to follow a regular scrubbing plan. Scrubs form an integral part of skin care treatment, be it in a beauty salon or home. If you already have acne and is undergoing any acne treatment; you must have been recommended to use a gentle scrubber. However, if you have active acne; then scrubbing is a complete no as it aggravates the problem. Instead, alcohol-free toner or rose water would be useful. Scrubs have some minute granules that when massaged into the skin gently, removes the dead cells that accumulate on the upper layer of your skin to make it look dark and patchy.

Here are some excellent home-made scrubs that are being used globally and have shown positive results in majority of the cases:

  • Banana Scrub – Ripe bananas works as a good scrubber. Just take two ripe bananas, mash them

Hair Care Mistakes to Avoid

Hair Care Mistakes to AvoidGood looking hair plays a huge role in social acceptance. When representing ourselves we wish for shiny gorgeous hair but we fail to carry out this rather simple task. Odds are that you are making one or more of these common mistakes. Let me walk you through these simple and easily avoidable mistakes so that you can also have a hairstyle which will make your friends green with envy.

You do not de-tangle your hair before washing: Your strands get weaker and easily snarled once they are wet. Brushing your hair before a wash makes them more manageable.

You wash your hair every day: Being a clean-freak is not good in every situation. If you wash your hair every day, they get stripped off the natural oils. These natural oils provide the necessary nourishment to your locks. If you do need to wash your hair often then it’s best to do it every alternate day. On other days you can simply rinse them or at most use a good conditioner.

You do not use heat

Understanding Derma Fillers What You Need To Know

Understanding Derma Fillers What You Need To KnowIt is very common for people to confuse derma fillers with botox, yet these are very different treatments with one similarity, they are both administered via injection. This type of treatment is to add volume and to smooth creases and should only be administered by a professional.

Derma fillers can be used to plump lips or to cut scars. Those who got scars from chicken pox or acne will find that this treatment can smooth their skin, improve their skins appearance and give them an added boost of confidence. Anyone who has a dimpled skin appearance that wants to hide the dimples and finds that their daily foundation isn’t doing the trick, will find this particular treatment appealing, as it fills the holes and leaves them with a beautiful and smooth skin surface that they can be proud of.

This treatment isn’t given all over the face, the only place it is administered is where it is needed. It is injected straight into the skin at the point where it is needed, such as a wrinkle, a line or a scar.

Simple Makeup Tips & Ideas Your Makeup at Its Best

Simple Makeup Tips & Ideas Your Makeup at Its BestHaving the best look and the best makeup is a challenge! But with these hacks and simple makeup tips and ideas, you’ll get it done right every time!

Guarantee you have the best look at all times and be sure you are amazing in every second of your day! This should not be a lot of work, but it will surely give you the required results. You will need to focus on all the small details, from hair, to makeup and brows and all the small aspects. Let’s start in a step by step for each detail:

    • Hair: you can have the hair you want in all the styles possible! Adopt all those trends for your hair. Make sure to have your hair in a style that suits you. Buy all the required products for your new hairstyle design, especially if you have curly hair. Whenever you are trying to adopt a specific hairstyle, make sure to get the right products in order to get the maximum results at

Types and Benefits of Doing a Facial Therapy

Types and Benefits of Doing a Facial TherapyEvery aesthetician will agree on the fact that skin care is undoubtedly one of the most important elements of beauty treatment. Every skin type is different and it should be treated differently as well. Facial skin is extremely delicate and proper measures need to be taken regularly to maintain in smooth and glowing. Entrusting professionals with this kind of beauty treatment seems the most practical choice because they will be able to understand your concerns, what kind of treatment you need and how to maintain the health of your skin.

Some of the more common types of facials are:-

    • Exfoliation: In this method, physical and chemical exfoliants are used to remove dead skin cells, renew cells, break down discoloration, fade red marks, and helps the skin absorb action ingredients deeper into it.
    • Steam: By the use of steam, the skin temperature will increase which will soften the pores of your skin. This method is great for deep pore cleansing and extraction. It’s also ideal for dehydrating the skin and preventing the moisture from evaporating.
    • Manual extraction: If it’s for unclogging pores removes blackheads,

How to Use Tea Tree Oil Effectively

How to Use Tea Tree Oil EffectivelyAs many people who are fans of natural skin care will know, tea tree oil is
one of those magical oils that have many powerful effects and can be used to treat a variety of skin conditions. These include treating acne and infections, disinfecting and cleaning pores on the face, and even treating athlete’s foot.

With its anti-bacterial properties, this is an ideal and entirely natural way to treat a variety of skin conditions. However, it is should be used with care, as tea tree oil is also well known for its strength, and when used incorrectly it can actually cause skin irritation rather than soothe areas which are already irritated or inflamed.

There is one instance where is it recommended and safe to apply tea tree oil neat, and this is to acne, but only if done is a very precise manner with a cotton bud dabbed onto each spot. When used neat on normal skin this can cause irritation and redness, but the strength of the oil is most effective when applied neat in this instance.

This can be

The Anti Aging Benefits of Argan Oil

Argan oil for ant-aging

One of the latest skin care trends to hit the shelves around the world is argan oil, which has long been used in its native home of North Africa for its various beauty and health benefits. This particular product can not only be applied to skin and hair for beauty benefits, but can also be consumed for a number of health reasons, including reducing cholesterol and inflammation in the body.

One of the main reasons that this particular oil has become popular however is the fact that it has anti-aging benefits for the skin. With many women looking to maintain plump and glowing skin for as long as possible, products touted as ‘miracle’ anti-aging solutions are often quick to grow in hype and sell out in shops as they become widely known to the general public.

Although this oil has only relatively recently because popular, evidence goes to show that there are indeed many benefits to this product, and that its anti-aging properties are very real. Here are some of the benefits that you

The Artistry Of Makeup

The Artistry Of MakeupIn a previous post, I talked about whether the beauty industry and the professionals that work within it were taken seriously enough. In this post, I would like to continue on that theme and talk about whether makeup should actually be considered an art form. Art elitists would probably say ‘no it isn’t’, but I beg to differ. Some consider makeup as a ‘cover up’ – a way to fake beauty and to dupe the outside world into thinking that you are more attractive than you actually are.

I totally disagree with this point of view. Yes, makeup can be dramatic and over the top. You can take it further and make yourself literally look like a different person. But it can also be subtle, delicate and a way to enhance your own natural beauty. A way to accentuate and bring out your best facial features. The scale of what can be achieved by applying makeup, the scope for creating different looks and the way you can express yourself with how you look are to me, why it

5 Useful Tips for Hair Maintenance

5 Useful Tips for Hair MaintenanceHair is an essential accessory for most and it therefore makes sense to maintain it to the best of your ability. With the proper attention that doesn’t cause stress or harm it is possible to enjoy the light, flowing hair that gives the look and shine that you want. Here are five tips for your general hair maintenance routine:

Use conditioner wisely

Unless you have an issue with a very dry scalp, there is generally no need to apply a conditioner to the full head of hair. Applying too much conditioner can leave the hair looking quite greasy, especially when you consider the scalp is able to naturally produce oil on a daily basis. The preferred treatment is to focus on the ends and put conditioner on the last three-quarters of your hair.

Bobby pins

To stop the bobby pins sliding out it can benefit to give them a light spray of hairspray or similar. This has the desired effect of providing extra grip so it is no longer necessary to be concerned

How to Ready the Face for Makeup Application the Proper Way

How to Ready the Face for Makeup Application the Proper WayBefore adding colors and all, it’s important to ready the face for application. This involves cleaning, moisturizer, primer, concealed, foundation and powder to name a few products. Applying these takes a bit of knowledge which is why tutorials are awesome, but here are some basic instructions to get going.

Clean the Face

Wash the face with a gentle cleanser, then pat dry (don’t rub) with a clean towel. There are many exfoliation cleansers that contain micro-beads that will buff the skin and leave it smooth and ready for makeup application. Many will wipe the face with a cotton ball that’s been dipped in toner, this makes pores appears smaller.

Apply a Good Moisturizer

When it comes to choosing a moisturizer, one will quickly find there are more options than they imagined. Choose one that is good for the skin type and with no unnatural additives. There is oily, dry and combination types for the various skin conditions. Apply it gently in a circular motion, all over the face.

Learn to Apply Eye Makeup by Browsing Blogs Plus Use These Tips

Learn to Apply Eye Makeup by Browsing Blogs Plus Use TheseBy learning the various techniques from makeup bloggers, applying eye makeup will be simple. There are likely many tips and tricks that even the most experienced wearer can benefit from learning.

Choose the Right Eye Shadow Colors

Usually, one will wear three different shades in one. They are a medium, dark and light shade that all go in different areas. Medium goes on the lid, light on the top, and the dark in the crease of the eyelid. Colors should be chosen from the same family, such as blues and browns.

A great tip from makeup bloggers is to use shades of eye shadow that go with the eye color of the wearer to enhance them.

· Blue eyes are great with similar shades to include grey, silver, and dark blues. Bronze, copper, brown and tape are also beautiful with blue eyes.

· Brown eyes benefit from bronze, tape and brown, but also look lovely with purple, grey, blue and green.

· Green eyes can also

How To Choose A Natural Foundation And Have A Beautiful And Delicate Skin

How To Choose A Natural Foundation And Have A Beautiful And Delicate SkinWhen using an organic makeup, you’re sure putting on your skin only natural products and high biological value, rich in vitamins, minerals, oils and polysaccharides, etc., and these products are free of pesticides, hormones, preservatives, parabens and chemicals and genetically modified. To have a gentle and beautiful skin, you need to choose the organic makeup brands and the best natural foundation that you’ll use.

The best natural foundation in addition to meeting the primary objective of the makeup, which is prettify, create an aesthetic effect, using makeup you are also taking care of the health of your skin, adding nutritional and antioxidant properties directly from nature, it may be a great choice, too, for people with allergies and sensitivity. Your skin will feel the difference.

To differentiate a common product of an organic makeup, read labels. There are also some elements which may be natural or chemicals such as moisturizers and preservatives. We should also pay attention to this particular point.

Try to use organic makeup because it is much more beneficial than the other,

Natural & Mineral Cosmetics Is Organic Better

Natural & Mineral Cosmetics Is Organic BetterAre you wondering what’s the difference between organic mineral cosmetics and standard cosmetic products? The truth is that no one was giving this much thought until a company called Bare Escentuals began a massive advertising campaign to market their organic mineral cosmetic products. They started a worldwide revolution promoting mineral-based makeup, even demonstrating their products on television shows like QVC. Today, most people in the beauty industry have heard about the benefits of organic mineral cosmetics and makeup.

Mineral Cosmetics

Mineral cosmetics contain no oil, which is favourable to those with acne-prone skin. Unlike with wearing standard makeup products, acne will not get worse when you apply mineral-based makeup products. Additionally, research shows people who have rosacea, blackheads and pimples, when switched to using mineral cosmetics slowed down the skin problems progression. Standard makeup and cosmetics tend to trigger adverse reactions when applied to sensitive skin, while mineral cosmetics do not. People who previously could not wear makeup can now safely blend mineral-based cosmetic products without worrying about unsightly skin reactions and irritations.

Mineral cosmetics manufacturers exclude toxic ingredients also present